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3-4 Bedroom Apartments in Tokyo

2 3-4 bedroom apartments are available in Tokyo. Click ’More Info’ to view more details and photos of the apartment.

Hiratsuka Shinagawa-ku

¥ 235,000 per month

Rental Property Tokyo Bonar Togoshi#313

Bonar Togoshi#313

Face to south.
2 Bedroom + Tatami room
5 min. walk to shopping district near the Togoshi-Ginza station.
Close to park,shopping district, Nursery school, elementary and middle school.

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4-26-3, Shimomaruko Ota-ku

¥ 650,000 per month

Rental Property Tokyo Park house Tamagawa Minami Sanbankan 22F

Park house Tamagawa Minami Sanbankan 22F

Total units 93, Condominiums with nice view

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